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This deviation was deleted

Never done critique before. Sorry.

So let's get started with the hair. Hair isn't bunched-up like this, it's thin strands that comes from the head (obviously). The eyes, if I'm not mistaken, are supposed to be one eye apart.

In real life, you don't have visible ink-black lines to your body like cartoons/anime have. Just a preference, you should've made the outlines (I think that's the term) darker and not gray-ish. It's either dark or none at all.

The eyebrows are a little too cartoon-ish. Eyebrows are hair too, not bunched-up. You should probably place them a little higher. And wow, that's alot of mascara/eyeliner she used. BTW, the eye's whites are not totally white. It can use a little shading.

The coloring is okay. You place shadows pretty darn well. She kinda looks like a man (no offense).

All of what I said are based on what I know. I, myself am not a regular to realism. Sorry if I hurt you in any way. I too was critiqued on realism before and it didn't go well.

I hope you consider my advice and make more deviations. :love:
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facial features should be softer and more feminine, unless the artist intended for the woman to look this way.

Chrisily Dec 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I thank you indefinitely for your honest opinion! :D I shall consider these factors in future peieces. Thanks again! :hug:
Cynicrylle Dec 30, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Welcome'd. I appreciate you appreciating what I did because I appreciated it for existing. :meow:
Chrisily Dec 31, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I think of critiques as ways for me to learn and improve, and I'm not afraid of honest opinions.
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